Stockfish and Brainfish development builds for Apple macOS

Download the free and open-source UCI chess engines as PGO executable.

Below there are also development builds of Cute Chess cutechess-cli for macOS.

All binaries were compiled from original, unmodified sources.

NameLast modifiedSize 18:13 256 18:03 256 22:58 256 17:56 256 22:51 256
brainfish_171117_5109559.zip2017-11-17 18:13 497K
stockfish_171118_5336313.zip2017-11-18 22:51 513K
stockfish_171117_5109559.zip2017-11-17 17:56 515K
cutechess-cli_171117.zip2017-11-17 18:03 2.8M
cutechess-cli_171118.zip2017-11-18 22:58 2.8M

 Filename format: program_build date (yymmdd)_bench

Use at your own risk. Verify the downloaded files.

Stockfish development builds for Windows and Linux at or
The last release version of Stockfish is available on the official website, the last
of Cute Chess at GitHub.