Stockfish, Brainfish, Stockfish MateFinder & Cute Chess cutechess-cli
development builds for Apple macOS

Download the free and open-source UCI chess engines as PGO executable.

All binaries were compiled from original, unmodified sources.

NameLast modifiedSize

brainfish_180113.zip2018-01-13 11:40 495K 11:40 256
cutechess-cli_180113.zip2018-01-13 11:34 2.8M 11:34 256
matefinder_171230.zip2017-12-30 15:48 477K 15:48 256
stockfish_180113.zip2018-01-13 11:30 480K 11:30 256

Use at your own risk. Verify the downloaded files.

Stockfish development builds for Windows and Linux at or The last Windows/Linux release version of Stockfish is
available on the official website, the last of Stockfish MateFinder at
GitHub, the last of Cute Chess at GitHub.